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Executive Concierge Medicine

Dr. Allan Panter


Exclusive Personalized Healthcare, Provided on a Membership Basis



Direct Physician Services provides top tier executive concierge medical services, leading the field in the ever changing landscape of healthcare.



Direct Physician Services provides top tier executive concierge medical services directly to member clients. Members have the option to receive care at their home, workplace, or access to our member exclusive office. 

Convenience is highly regarded by our membership and every effort is made to accommodate our members' schedules. We understand time is money and have created a model that affords member clients the opportunity to continue productivity without losing valuable time in various waiting room scenarios.

While convenience is important, quality of care is our highest priority. Our members receive continuity of care, personalized attention, and access to premier ancillary service providers.

Our members understand the importance of having one doctor overseeing and coordinating the multiple facets of a patient's medical care including evaluating reports, (labs, etc.) and consulting with the patient to make determinations and present options for the most effective course of action. 

There is no comparison to the level of care a physician, who has an established medical relationship with a patient, is able to provide.

We are excited to discuss our services and membership with you. Call us at 770-530-3342.

About the Doctor

James Allan Panter was born in Demorest, Georgia and has been a resident of Gainesville, Georgia since 1991. He is the son of Bonnie and James Boyd Panter. Dr. Panter is married to Theresa Panter and is a father of four.

Dr. Panter attended and graduated from Emory University’s undergraduate program, and he earned his MD from the Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Panter, board certified in emergency medicine, has been practicing and directing in emergency medicine for thirty-three years.

As a student of medical economics and the forces shaping the practice of medicine today, Dr. Panter, with his insight into the healthcare industry, has responded to the needs of patients by founding Direct Physician Services and has begun the transition into the primary medical care practice of the future.



How Executive Concierge Medicine Works

Executive Concierge Medicine, which is sometimes known as Boutique Medicine, is a health care service provided by a Primary Care Physician to patients in which the patient pays a retainer or annual fee.

DPS (Direct Physician Services) institutes the Executive Concierge Medicine model because it allows patients to receive dedicated personalized service. 

Personalized service is achieved due to Dr. Panter's ability to limit his exclusive member client base. Limiting the amount of clients ensures the integrity of the DPS standard of quality care. (To check membership availability and reserve your membership fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.)

Another benefit Executive Concierge Medicine provides is that patients have unprecedented access to their physician. In most cases patients are provided the physician's cell phone number or direct line.

This premium level of access is unparalleled in the medical industry and clients enjoy the benefits of knowing their physician is just a phone call away. There is no substitute for knowing your physician is available to discuss any question that may arise concerning your health.

At DPS we ask potential clients if they are able to pick up the phone and speak with their physician. If we ask you this question and your answer is, "no" then Executive Concierge Medicine might be the medical care change you have been seeking.

Executive Concierge Medicine is non-traditional in nature, however, it does bare a similar resemblance to traditional medical models in regard to services. Patients still have access to premium ancillary services such as MRI, Radiological, Laboratory, and CT Scan. However within DPS's model they are outsourced at cash discounted prices. 

In all cases the transparency associated with DPS and the Executive Concierge Medicine model far exceed the "traditional practice" models most individuals are familiar with. The quality, convenience, and dedicated personalized service offered by DPS ensures it's success and longevity in the medical marketplace for years to come.


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